The Man Is A King

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This is a theater stage for a play

idk if someone added it already, but that is the stage of the Bregenzer Festspiele in Austria. Here are some more pictures of the stage from other plays:



This is a theater stage for a play

idk if someone added it already, but that is the stage of the Bregenzer Festspiele in Austria. Here are some more pictures of the stage from other plays:

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chemical reaction



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Momsen Lips by Baxley


Momsen Lips by Baxley

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The Lonely Queen

By Connor Donlin

Once upon a time
There was a Queen who lived in the woods
The Queen would try and try
To do the Queenly things she could
But she could no longer
Do the Queenly things she should
For her kingdom had crumbled down
And given way to wood

The Queen’s only solace
Was the single Knight she had
He fought hard to protect
His queen from all that was bad
But when she needed comfort
The Queen would have to stay as sad
For this Knight would never speak
Or show the face he had

Many times, the kingdoms ‘round
Would try to steal those woods
But the Knight would beat them back
And stop them where they stood
And the kingdoms would rage away
And think of ways they could
Get rid of that Brave Old Knight
That did protect the woods

Then one day, the Queen stepped out
To speak to the Old King
And because he did not know
Her Knight she did not bring
She intended to just ask
For a stop to the senseless thing
That was the pursuit of the woods
By the Old King.

She pleaded with the king saying
The woods were all she had left
Of her kingdom, fair and great,
And her Knight, he needed rest.
But the King did swear that
As long as his heart beat in his chest
He would hack ‘way at the woods
Until none of it was left

Then the King did seize the Queen
And locked her up with chains
And the Queen did scream and scream
With tears that fell like rain
Then the king called his army forth
With intent that was quite plain
For now he could kill that one Brave Knight
Whose Queen was now in chains

Then the knight, still unaware
Of the absence of his queen
Went to meet the army great
And was greeted with the scene
Of a light that did shine
With a horrible gleam
Off the sword, held at the throat
Of his Beauteous Queen

The King did smile when he saw
That the Knight was frozen still
And he knew the Brave Old Knight
Would this day surely be killed
And his mind did race
With all the ways to break his captives will
And then he thought of one cruel way
To freeze the Queen’s heart still

Then the King, with evil grin
Told the Knight to end his own life
Or else the King would take his sword
And the Queen’s throat he would slice
And for show, he drew out slow
His cruel and blackened knife
And made one small cut upon the Queen
To let loose the blood of life

And as the blood did trickle down
The knight did nowt but stare
And if the Knight was filled with fear
The army was unaware
And then, without warning
Giving everyone a scare
The Knight drew his gleaming sword
And continued with his stare

Then, with strength beyond compare,
Through his chest he plunged his sword
And the Kings eyes filled with pride
As he called for his reward
But none did move, and all did look
And none dare say a word
For there still stood that one Brave Knight
Impaled with his own sword

Filled with rage, the King did yell
For his army to attack
And through sheer numbers, he knew
That power he did not lack
And again, the Knight did stand
With the woods behind his back
To face again the Old King’s men
In one last desperate attack

And so he fought, the Brave Old Knight
Against the Old King’s men
And the King thought, against his numbers
The Knight could not defend
But even though the Knight was hit
And struck again and again
The battle ended, as it always had
With no more Old King or his men

The battle done, the danger gone
The Knight slumped to the ground
And the sound from his fall
Could be heard from all around
The Queen did crawl as fast she could
While in her chains still bound
To the spot ahead of her
Where her Knight fell to the ground

And when she came upon that Knight
Who was loyal beyond compare
To her dismay, she found his armor
Was filled with nowt but air
Now alone, as she always was
She crawled to her wooden lair
To wallow away in her own sadness
That was without compare

And there she sits, until this day
Without the slightest will
To leave the woods her Knight protected
Until he himself was killed
And so I ask, as plain as day
Which one is saddest still
The Old King, who by the Knight did die,
Or the Lonely Queen that never will?

I wish I could draw


Where impossible cuteness meets indescribable evil you’ll find this tentacular creature. Her name is Little Maddie and she’s an awesome combination of Cthulhu and My Little Pony designed by Asheville, NC-based company Bigshot Toyworks.

These are concept images for a project currently in development for a series of animation shorts and toys with the tagline “Friendship is madness”. Little Maddie may not be real yet, but we’re already making room for her on our toy shelf.

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Cleveland, Ohio-based custom toy artist Infinite Rabbits created this fantastic (and magically gruesome) custom MINDstyle Horselington figure called “The Unicorn Hunter”. In addition to the custom paint job, he exchanged the hunter’s sword for a giant battle axe, added a golden unicorn horn to the horse’s severed head, sculpted the unicorn’s body (complete with a tail made from actual hair) and, last but not least, created the pool of rainbow blood - along with the rainbow splatter on the axe.

To give you an even better idea of how much work was put into this amazing custom figure, click here take a look at the original version by EWOK 5MH.

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If you aren’t concerned about keeping warm while taking a wintry drive, perhaps you’d like to try traveling in a truck made of ice. This amazing self-propelled ice sculpture is a life-size, functioning truck made of 11,000 pounds of sculpted ice atop a modified 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD chassis, engine, and electrical system.

This piece of mobile winter art is the work of Iceculture and Canadian Tire. Altogether the ice truck weighs 15,000 pounds. A special steel frame was built to support the weight of all the ice. On December 12, 2013 the truck was driven for 1.6km (almost one mile) at a speed of roughly 20 km/h or 12 mph.

Click here to view 3 short videos in which you can see how the truck was built, watch it run, and then see how it beautifully melted (as planned).

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Motivational quotes from Vietnamese Crystal

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